Undoubtedly, you have made major investments to analyze your business, bring about operating efficiencies, and understand the preferences of your customer.

However, have you closed the gap between worker performance and customers’ service expectations?

Is the person who services your customer day to day an entry level hire?

Do they have the necessary skills?

Are they intricately familiar with your business and brand?

Are they equipped to service your customer with the utmost professionalism?

Will they enhance your brand?

High Turn-over Entry Level Personnel (HTELP) are most often the primary contact between your business and valuable customers. S2P Interactive can help you effectively build top performers fast to significantly improve your customers’ service experience and your bottom line.

Workplace learning has been shown to:

  • increase employee performance
  • improve customer service
  • reduce costly employee turnover

Fortune magazine’s yearly study of the best companies to work for reveals that providing more learning to associates significantly increases retention and customer satisfaction.

The two most frequently expressed training objectives among service industries today are providing speed to performance and reducing turnover.

S2P Interactive can provide the learning solutions for high turnover, entry level personnel that will:

  • Reduce costly on-the-job and stand-up training time by providing the necessary basics, consistently and on-demand
  • Attain performance goals faster by compressing learning time by as much as half
  • Decrease time off-the-job for learners and trainers
  • Deliver a consistent learning message across the organization

As service industries become quicker to respond to the market place, their training also needs to emphasize speed and efficiency.


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