S2P Interactive is dedicated to bringing the right learning solution to your company, providing your organization the Speed to Performance so necessary in today’s customer experience environment.

We have the experience
We are a consulting firm leveraging over 100 years of experience creating and implementing learning and performance programs with an emphasis in service industries.

We know what works and what is most cost effective
  • Custom content without the cost of custom development
  • Courseware compliant with industry standards (SCORM, AICC)
  • ‘Best Practices’ that answer the training needs of almost every department in the supermarket
  • Consultation for the selection of, or integration with, a Learning Management System for tracking and reporting.

We understand your industry
S2P Interactive has extensive experience building courseware for all employees and new managers in the retail environment; covering everything from Deli associates to Produce managers or from the back-of-the store to the Front end.


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